From Trauma Culture

to Embodied Consciousness

3 Month Online Class and Coaching Group

With Bill St.Cyr

Registration is open until March 5th!

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.Pricing is variable dependent on ability to pay

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Please join me for this 3 month exploration of learning to hold space within ourselves and for each other. We will learn about and practice what it means to hold space, in the context of an understanding of trauma culture and an embodied return to an experience of love and grace.

This is an exploratory class with the intention of learning and growing our capacity to live with these questions:

  • How do we make space that is safe to touch into or reference the effects of trauma culture, when by its very nature this topic is not safe? Or as adrienne maree brown says, how do we create “brave space”?
  • How do we hold the experience of trauma culture that we share, within the greater context of whatever level of trust we have, in a greater consciousness – regardless of what we call this consciousness ie presence, love, grace, spirit, earth, god, goddess, community and/or all the other possibilities here, that come with our own experience and practice?
  • How do we learn to let go of attachment to answers and learn instead be with an inquiry into experience that opens to deeper truth, opens to our own knowing and our own capacity to be with “not knowing”?
  • How do we redefine relationship, to focus on anchoring our own need within our own experience, as opposed to the way this culture and economy externalizes need as something to buy or to get in some other way in the world – while at the same time not denying the very real worldly needs we each have, as embodied beings on this planet?
  • How do we learn to find our place in relationship to the broader world of social change and/or community as a part of this process of learning about relationship outside of the alienation and isolation inherent in trauma culture?
  • How do we let the inner healing that we are each doing, support whatever way we want to find our voice in saying “no” to the ongoing perpetuation of the abuse within this culture? How do we do that in a way that is sustainable and also opens a deep place of “yes” within us!

We will do this through twice monthly live online gatherings and through conversation online in between.

Pricing is variable for two reasons:

  • First because I want to be sensitive about people’s capacity to pay.
  • Secondly, because I am stepping into broader territory here for myself and I want to be transparent about the, at least in part, experimental nature of this class.

I am very excited to be in this learning process with all of you!

Sincerely, with much gratitude and respect,
Bill St.Cyr

TENTATIVE CLASS DATES [I may do a survey as people come in, to check whether this is the best timing]:

  • Registration is open until March 5th!
  • Monday Mar 5th, 8 – 9:30pm eastern
  • Monday Mar 19th, 8 – 9:30pm eastern
  • Monday Apr 2nd, 8 – 9:30pm eastern
  • Monday Apr 16th, 8 – 9:30pm eastern
  • Monday May 7th, 8 – 9:30pm eastern


Pricing is Variable Dependent on Ability to Pay

“Sign up” link below will take you to my “Students of the Dream” website where my class registration software is setup…


From Trauma Culture to Embodied Consciousness

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