From Trauma Culture and Into Embodied Consciousness!

 From Feb 20th Class

I excerpted out a 20 minute clip “From Trauma Culture to Embodied Consciousness”.

I believe that bringing a consciousness of trauma culture into being, can change the world for the better. I hope that this video is helpful in introducing why that is so…

With much respect,
Bill St.Cyr

NEW CLASS: From Trauma Culture to Embodied Consciousness

Bringing Together Inner Practice and Social Change

Please join me for this 3 month exploration of learning to hold space within ourselves and for each other. We will learn about and practice what it means to hold space, in the context of an understanding of trauma culture and an embodied return to an experience of love and grace. Both within our inner practice and in our engagement to the broader world of community and social justice…

Pricing is variable dependent on ability to pay – Registration is still open!


From Trauma Culture to Embodied Consciousness

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