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From Trauma Culture to Embodied Consciousness

Bringing Together Inner Practice and Social Change

Monday January 29th, 5:00 pm pacific/8:00 pm eastern

Join me for an online conversation about how an understanding of trauma culture, can change how we think about inner practice, social change and the relationship between these all too often separate realms.

If the core issue personally, socially, environmentally and spiritually is trauma itself, then how does that affect how we think about everything from spiritual growth, to social justice, to stopping the unfolding climate catastrophe.

  • How do we deeply honor what is alive in us, in relationship to our inner practices and to the broader world of social change, as opposed to taking on inner work and activism from a place of trying to be a better person ie from a place of shame?
  • How do we make embodiment, pleasure, sensuality and joy an integral part of all that we do? Particularly in the face of the grief and fear that is part of the violence of this culture?
  • How do we make space for an acceptance of all that is – including the devastation of trauma culture, while at the same time staying open to the fullness of possibility?
  • How do we honor and respect our own bodies and the miracle of their brilliance as a part of healing ourselves and ending the unfolding climate catastrophe?
  • How do we begin to experience nature, not as something outside of ourselves but as the essence of who we are?
  • How do those of us of European descent end the all too endemic practices of cultural appropriation and explore our own lineage?
  • Could embodied practices be a way to find our own ancestral roots and grow an embodied, emergent culture without continuing the ongoing theft of indigenous practices?

Join me as we explore this and more….


From Trauma Culture to Embodied Consciousness

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